I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I travel all over the globe for brides that love luxury and who have an eclectic sense of adventure. I am lucky to get to live a life of contrasts, when we meet don’t forget to ask me about it. I can share how it has become my life. You’ll be surprised by it...It’ll be a great one!

I am tenaciously in romance and trust in human connections. I am captivated by the most raw and simple moments we experience in the environment surrounding us. I am told by couples that they feel a sense of calm and ease even for those that are feeling awkward in poses. I create a safe and effortless way to create and hold a space for authentic connection even on a high pressure wedding day. 
Lights, nature and colors are some components of my work and not just stunning background images. My photograph is all about passion and spirit, innocence, wonder, strength; even sometimes emotions of pains. It’s my promise and gift to you to capture these moments honestly so that it is a memory that will be cherished from generations to come.



Let's Be friends

hello, I'm Chantal.

It all started with this first, single photograph- a picture of my family. Ever since then, I started taking pictures of places and people that I’ve connected with throughout my journey. Losing all other recorded memories of my childhood as a refugee, I fear not remembering things that matter most to me. Pictures ignite back lustrous memories of special moments in time, transcribing a history of our voyages. I delightful and exhilarating to be
Telling the story of my couples that delights and exhilarates me. 

My inspiration

When I’m not busy photographing weddings, I love staying active, cooking delicious meals, and eating healthy food.  My vices are pistachio, gelato, and bacon.  I'm often running, cross country-skiing, attending the Opera, traveling, and enjoying fine dining with my husband locally or in a foreign country. 

Fun Facts

Exploring new places is what makes my heart beat fast 


I love to explore anywhere your love takes me. I travel because I want to learn and understand the unique cultures that each of you and your loved-one possess. It helps to define of who you are and where you come from, and it built a great foundation for your upbringing. 

My other half JAY

My family is my world. I love going on adventures with my husband—whether it’s exploring new country, dressing up to see an opera, making our favorite cuisine, going on a trip to run a marathon, going on a xc-ski trip, or making things from scratch (knit, crochet, and calligraphy—as the engineer in me kicks in). 

Then there is an adoptive bunny that I found underneath the car late one night when she was two years old, Tanner. Tanner is my heart and guiding light through it all. I have known her much of my life as she approaches 16 years old.



My best friend tanner

My life and my sidekick--bunny! As I was driving home from my late night statistics class in San Francisco, CA, I noticed a funny looking "cat" underneath the car. Sure enough, as I got closer underneath the car, it came running and scared toward my hand. I didn't know whether it was a male or female bunny, based on the color I decided to name it "Tanner Bee". Not only was "Tanner" in good health, I discovered "Tanner" was a girl! 15 years later she is still my heart! Love this little stinker so much!




The best way to see the world is to get lost and blend into the local culture, culinary, fresh markets, and homestay. One of my best experiences while traveling in another country was while I was in Arusha, Tanzania. It was my third leg of my around the world trip, after ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro and everyone in my tour group went their separate ways. Being a solo traveler with a couple days to spare, I joined George the taxi driver to the market to buy produce and take back to his house. We laughed and shared stories about our lives as we ate the meal we cooked. 



SunRises & Sunsets

I haven't seen a sunrise or sunset that I didn't like yet! I'm obsessed with sunrise and sunset. There is nothing in the world I would get up so early and stay late for except to see the sunrise and the sunset. I would take thousands of pictures of sunrise and sunset. My favorite time of the day is to see the sunrise while the world still asleep. The whole universe is yours and yours alone as you stand still lost in transient with the beauty of the colors in the sky, purple, pink, red, orange, lavender, ripples of the clouds as the birds sings as they soar above. You can feel the essence of peace and beauty flutter through all your senses. It is then you feel magical and mystic about that sunrise.  



Things I live for

“ The things that you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy”

-Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

Chantal was so amazing to work with. She is extremely professional and detail oriented. I was incredibly pleased with the end results of my product photos. If you are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Chantal!

Cheryl Lisowski


Chantal is wonderful at what she does and her work is nothing short of visionary! She took graduation photos for me, and I love how she can make even the most simple things look beautiful, and pays attention to details. She is so much fun to work with and makes sure that I am happy with the shots she has taken. I also enjoy how she captures a story in her photos. Chantal focuses on her subject and not the clock, and makes me feel absolutely beautiful! She knows how to pose her models, and I never felt pressured or nervous in front of the camera. The bottom line is Chantal is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to take your photos for all special moments in your life. I am so incredibly happy with how my photos turned out and look forward to working with her again.

Kvetka Sanchez



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